Serafina Corrêa: The Friendly City

Serafina Corrêa is located among the mountains in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, 618 meters (about 2027 feet) above the sea level, with a distance of 240 kilometers (about 150 miles) from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Italian immigrants colonized the city, and its name is a tribute for the wife of the first mayor of Guaporé, Vespasiano Corrêa. Serafina Corrêa is a place that is full of culture, where the "Talian" is its official second-language, incorporeal heritage of Brazil. The respect for the traditions and all the generations make sure the history of the city is kept, learned and remembered.

Serafina Corrêa is constantly developing itself, with a remarkable growth in its population being one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Its population makes a decent income with a variety of companies and great job opportunities. The city has diversified productive business, with its economy based on industries and companies. With emphasis to the companies related to agribusiness, graphical departments and plastic packings. Another great market in the city is the car parts segment, along with big real estate agencies that keep expanding themselves day after day. Not to mention the agriculture and livestock, which are important parts of the development happening in the city, especially in milk production.

Serafina Corrêa definitely has lots of opportunities, with great and important companies and a constant development in all the areas.

The ethnic and cultural diversity is another important topic in this city. All the development and growth make people migrate to Serafina Corrêa. Its culture and history are written every day and it enriches the memories of the inhabitants who live here, bringing all the generations together.

The city invites you to feel the pure air of the mountains in Rio Grande do Sul, the happiness that the flowered gardens transmit and the hospitality and friendliness in each person’s smile. The simple way of this town is the biggest treasure of Serafina Corrêa, located among the mountains, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Cultural diversities, beautiful sightsees and monuments are to be seen on every street, every monument and in the spoken language of the people who live here, the Talian, which has been brought by Italian immigrants. Over 16 thousand people live in this city, which will remind you of Italy with its monuments. Serafina Corrêa is known for welcoming many tourists every year with the happiness that surrounds the place, the constant development, the culture diversity and its remarkable progress.

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